Systèmes laser IPG

Micromachining Services

IPG Microsystems provides advanced laser Micromachining services to the scientific, semiconductor, microelectronic and medical industries. For over 20 years, IPG Microsystems has been providing contract manufacturing and process development services utilizing the latest lasers and optical techniques in UV, VIS, IR, ns, and ultrafast processing to deliver the right mix of high accuracy, high throughput cost effective capabilities. Our team of highly skilled and experienced laser scientists and engineers works with you from process development to high volume production.


Advanced Laser Micromachining Center of Excellence

IPG Microsystems Division is located in Manchester, NH. The building houses a production facility for micromachining systems and an application development lab.

IPG Microsystems offers a range of Laser Micromachining services that allows customers to leverage the company’s extensive experience in UV, VUV, Green and IR materials processing to accelerate their own product developments and to maximize performance of their systems through the company’s maintenance and refurbishment services.



IPG Microsystems maintains a laser applications lab to provide customers with the highest quality Fiber, UV Excimer, DPSS, and Picosecond laser microprocessing development. Our lab focuses on high brightness (energy-density-on-target), high precision and high throughput using a wide range of wavelengths from UV to IR. IPG Microsystems offers applications lab services for prototyping and process development with the technology easily transferred to industrial high precision laser systems for high volume production.





IPG Microsystems applications laboratories provides customers with access to the highest quality laser micro fabrication, consulting and process development  proof of principle services on our products.

The Manchester, NH microsystems division houses over 20 high accuracy, advanced micromachining systems equipped with sub micron air bearing stages, micron level high resolution vision alignment outfitted with the industries largest range of advanced fiber, DUV excimer and ultrafast lasers with commensurate advanced beam delivery technology.




Our team of PhD laser scientists, engineers and master technicians specialize in the art of microprocessing materials science and stand ready to assist you.







The IPG Microsystems applications operation will help you develop your next new product, provide proof-of-concept and short production runs while you wait for your advance Micromachining  system to be constructed and either recommend one of our qualified laser job shop customers or we will provide high volume production (>1 million parts per year).

IPG Microsystems offers customers access to a range of laser micromachining systems that span a breadth of wavelength, power and pulse-width capabilities that is unmatched in the industry. We help our customers to investigate and optimize laser-material interactions, prototype their parts, and transition from process development to high volume production. When production volumes warrant, we transfer the technology using high-precision laser systems for  making parts in the customer's facilities.